R i n a   P i t a

Painter - Mixed Media - Printmaker

Rina Pita’s psychological paintings interprets living environments that convey a unique connection to our present understanding of what lies in the universe and how it can influence one’s search for meaning. A merging of geometrical city structures into patterns of the natural world resides behind layer upon layer of light - infused imagery that is reminiscent of galaxies and nebulas.

Recently, her work has taken on and increasing narrative quality that taps on the nature of memories. The imagery in her new works come from family movies as well as from her video dramatizations of family stories. This process bridges the gap between two- dimensional work and the moving image.

Selected video stills are the starting point in the creation of vignettes that interpret the emotional realms of her personal environment, which tell part of a larger story that is yet to be told.

P r o f i l e
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